Excellence In Providing Infrastructure

We help your organization to grow and create long term value by providing a conducive environment. Physical and Intellectual infrastructure are corner stone for industries to succeed- Our industrial parks are strategically located with close proximity of suppliers, buyers, skilled manpower, ports, roads and railways ensuring seamless production.

Our Advantages

Customer centric approach

We understand that every industry is different and needs different assistance. Our team is comprised of experts from different industries and we understand your unique needs. We work with our customers to create an environment that helps them succeed.

Upliftment of the surroundings

We work with surrounding communities helping them build skill sets complementary to the industries. We strongly believe in distributing success and hence work closely with these communities.


Our industrial parks are strategically located. All our parks are within 50 km radius of the Delhi mumbai industrial corridor and are surrounded by an existing industrial ecosystem.


The park is designed to cater to the unique requirements of various industries. We have planned efficient internal roads, water distribution facilities, common effluent treatment plants, power distribution and fire fighting facilities.


Our clients benefit by being part of a cluster. Industries in a diversified healthy cluster thrive better as they get easy access to manpower, close proximity to vendors and other ancillary products.


With open green spaces and defined areas of housing we ensure employees enjoy a good living standard at an affordable cost.

PIP (Payal Industrial Park) is spread across 3,500 acres in Dahej PCPIR. Dahej PCPIR is India's only operational Petroleum Chemicals Petrochemical Investment Region, a Special Investment Region defined for chemical industries. PIP is 8 kms’ wide, and is surrounded by large industrial estates and SEZ.


Payal Industrial Park, Dahej, Bharuch